Wednesday, October 27, 2010

House Cup Happenings October 27

Happy Wednesday, House Cuppers, and welcome to the second edition of House Cup Happenings with me, Deputy Headmistress Needlesnswiffers!

In Quidditch, last weekend was the House Pride Exhibition for Hufflepuff. They sure were busy and showed us numerous badgertastic expressions of pride, starting here!

OWL progress reports at 50% for 50 points are due at the end of October. If you want to look at images of all the pretty progress, try this image-only link. Hufflepuff Kikipotamus has reported to the OWL thread with a unique request:

Kikipotamus of Hufflepuff requesting permission to take her DADA OWL out into the back yard, cut it up into little tiny pieces, light it on fire and dance around singing “ding dong the witch is dead’. Yes, I hate it that much. I kept going with it even after I decided I hated it, thinking it might get better. It hasn’t. I am still working on (and loving) my potions OWL, which I hope to post pics of soon.
I couldn’t bear to load a pic of the afghan here, but if you really must see it,
link text
It doesn't look that bad, Kiki, but we know how innocent some evil projects can look!

For the students attempting NEWTs this term, remember you must demonstrate 75% completion by the end of October to claim your midterm 100 points.

Quidditch commentator LNS remarked, "If Hufflepuff manufactured a car, I’d totally buy it. Think about it; hard-working, reliable, loyal, down-to-earth … and the glove-compartment doubles as an Easy-Bake Oven ;-)"

Intrepid Slytherin Moongirlknits created a fun entry for the House Cup NEWT badge contest:

Gryffindor Assistant Quidditch Coach Stuartsmom got a little silly in approving Gryffindor WoolenHorse's projects:

Let’s see now. Socks = garments, so that gets a nod.
Gaiter = garment, so that gets a nod.
You used Bronze and Blue, so nods there, too.

So, don’t worry, you’re good! And thrifty, too, might I add.
Just make sure copies of these photos make their way over to your primary posting page, or possibly there will be a perishing of points.
(Was that enough Ps? Because, I’m happy to add more, y’know. Sale on at Dictionopolis today.)

Stuartsmom also coined the term "Gryffindorosity" so please try to use that one in a sentence

Charmingberry turned in this lovely top in Muggle Studies


Ravenclaw's Fricknfrack whipped up some car mirror mittens for a friend plagued by bluebirds (which are protecting her car from unfriendly spirits) in Defense Against the Dark Arts

Transfiguration is exploring the art of disguise this month - human and animal transfiguration. I'm not sure how much this assignment is appreciated by Slytherin Addreamy's dog Syd:

I'm pleased to report that Hufflepuff Nautilus has achieved her NEWT in Badger Reproduction, and her announcement is here!

Is there a doctor in the house? Yes, yes there is - BrineyDeep is now BrineyDeep, Ph.D.

Remember - all October homeworks, Detention projects, and midterm progress in the Advanced Studies Department (OWLs and NEWTs) are due at the end of October, Headmistress time! Check the clock over on the right side of this page to find out what day and time it is for the Headmistress (hint: Pacific time!). See you in November!

Did you see something silly or interesting or awesome or announcementy around the House Cup lately? PM or earburn me, Needlesnswiffers, on Ravelry and help me keep up!


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