Thursday, October 28, 2010

Go Gryffindor!!

Happy Halloween! What is it about Harry Potter and Halloween, I think they go hand in hand. Is it just me? By the way, It is Yakattack your Gryffindor First Year blogger.

I spent Yesterday getting caught up on the House Cup. There are awesome projects out there! My favorite was the moldy cupcake from the HoM Class, it is so cute! I also really enjoyed Muggle Studies this month. I loved the beet that was made for Dwight Schrute! FACT: bears eat beets.

Sadly, I have not turned in anything for this month... YET! I have learned a lesson this month. If you make something for the cup but plan on giving it away, make sure you take pictures before you hand it over. So I am freaking out, knitting away trying to get stuff done before the 31st. Right now, I am working on the Sorting Hat for Halloween. I will get in done in time but I might wear a wet hat for Halloween. What last minute projects are you guys trying to get done?

The good news is that I am exactly half done with my O.W.L. WOOOHHOOOO! Now that my blanket has over a hundred stitches per side, it is going very slow and boring.
So, I have been switching from my Qudditch socks to the blanket. Which helps a little, but that is why I picked that project. I knew it would be a challenge.

Happy Halloween! See you in November, with new classes and maybe some Halloween Pictures.

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