Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Staff Interview - Girlywithatwist

This week, we're learning more about Slytherin's new Head of House, GirlyWithATwist.

1. Tell us a little about yourself outside the cup.
My name is Angela and I have been knitting since about 2005 and I started crocheting back in 1986. Two years ago I started spinning and have just relearned how to use a drop spindle. I also sew and do beadwork. Currently I live in the Portland, Oregon area with the hubby aka The Chief (retired Navy) and the two little wizards. The Ravenboy is 8 and the Slytherboy is 4. With two little boys in the house, there is very little spare time during the week. But somehow I manage to get projects done. Before I became a mommy, I had spent about 9 1/2 years in the US Navy working on electronics.

2. Why did you choose to be Head of House?
Many terms ago I had joined at the beginning of House Cup time. Fast forward to the 7th term and I found myself Head Girl and one of the few remaining Slytherins from first term. The House Cup had become firmly integrated into my life and when the unfortunate incident happened, I couldn’t leave the house that I had grown to love and had helped me with my crafting skills. The show of support from the other three houses was greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten.

3. What’s the most challenging part of running a House?
Right now it is trying to keep the house together. But the Slytherins are a strong bunch and I know we can do it. And I have two really great Prefects along with a very enthusiastic house staff to help out.

4. Favorite and least favorite part of being HoH:
Favorite thing is seeing the creative, crazy minds of the Slytherins. My least favorite part would be seeing people hurt over misunderstandments or misinformation.

5. If you could have one (spell, potion, charm whatever) that would work in real life what would it be?
 A Time Turner would be great so I can get more stuff done. It seems the day is over before I know it. And honestly the first thing that I thought of was a Sonic Screwdriver since they are really handy. But that isn’t exactly HP, now is it? And a Tardis would be nice as well.

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