Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Badgertastic Tuesday!

Hey everyone! Sorry I was away last week. It was my birthday, and ended up dealing with a lot of real-life issues (including my fridge leaking freon, but let's not dwell in the past).

Anyway, it's a new month with new classes and BOY do I have some stuff to share with you! I'm so excited to share all this with you. First up is homework I only turned in as a partial that I finished up and turned into Detention for points (you all know you can get 10 pts in Detention starting this month, right?!):
The Coquille Shawl

Then I set to work on my homework for DADA, protecting myself from vampires with a stylish (and thick) scarf:
The Rodekool Brioche Scarf
and reverse

After turning in that homework, I dabbled with my Charms homework and my Herbology homework, and have completed two socks (although only one in each pair):
Chainmail Socks (Charms)
Naiad Socks (Herbology)

But before starting on the other socks in the pair, I was overcome by a vision of better spinning, so I set to work on my brown alpaca for Divination, about 50 yards of lace weight singles:

Of course, that leaves me with two other classes that are still to be decided. I'm thinking a reusable bag for Potions, as forgetting them at home is a HUGE bad habit of mine and perhaps a shawl for Muggle Studies, modeling myself after the always fashionable Gabrielle Solis of Desperate Housewives.

What about you? What are you working on?

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