Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Staff Interview


This week we sit down with our charming charms Professor Cattiekins, field trip guide extrodinare and contributor to the minor delinquency of Grigotts robbers.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself outside the cup.

A: Well let's see. My name is Tracy, I was (and still think of myself as) an Archaeologist. I'm originally from the UK but moved to the US two years ago to join my hubby. We live with Mitzi Kitty who thinks she is queen and I'm expecting our first little one - she'll arrive this term, hopefully not at points awarding times. I've been knitting since I was about 6 when my nan taught me, but only dabbled until about 5/6 years ago, my mum taught me to crochet before I left to move here so that's going on two years and I've picked up spinning along the way and am just having fun with it. I do a lot of other crafts when the mood strikes me, play WoW, work on the family tree (one line back to 1600 - slowly working on the others). I found the cup before the first term but forgot to sign up in time so lurked with some of the other Squibs - got a shout out for the second term and signed myself up as a Slytherin, because they had the fewest people, embraced my slightly darker side and never looked back.

Q: Why Charms?

A: It just called to me, Cmelvin was stepping down because of real life and there were a few teaching jobs open that term and ideas for Charms just came tumbling out. I'd just finished a busy term as Quidditch Captin for Slytherin and wanted to get more involved in helping out with the cup.

Q: Which charm do you personally use most?

A: Well I seem to use Gemino a lot down in the dungeon, there never seem to be enough hotties to go around.

Q: What is your most favorite part of being a professor? What is your least favorite part?

A: My favorite part is seeing all the awesomeness that gets handed in each month, there's always something that surprises me or that I never thought could be handed in, sometimes it makes me laugh like the Hufflepuff ninja bunnies or the Gryffindor food fight...sometimes I'm just all WOW at what people can manage in a month.

My least favorite part, telling people that something doesn't fit or needs changing to make it work or that they can't have points because a photo didn't get put up in time. I hate disappointing or upsetting people (don't ever tell my old guides that, I'm sure they thought I was a big bad meany - because sometimes you have to be the one to say no).

Q: If you could have one charm that worked in real life what would it be?

A: Just one??? I want them all.....but I guess if I had to have one it would probably be scourigify, so I could clean the house with the minimal of effort, even with such a small household it gets away from me far more often than I would like....
Thank you to Cattiekins for the interview and tune in next Tuesday when we findout how transfigurative a staff interview can be when we talk with SFCorgi.

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