Thursday, September 9, 2010

Serra the Slytherin First Year

Good morning House Cup peoples! It occurred to me shortly after I made my first post last week that I probably should have used my first post to tell you about much fun! I start with me me..or knitting me...Probably the former. So, my real name is Lauren. I am 23 years old and I guess I'm still a newlywed. Is it correct to call yourself a newlywed still when you've passed the six month mark? Anywho..I got married last December on the 17th. I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu this past March, and while I enjoy cooking..I'm quickly discovering that I more enjoy cooking for loved ones than I do on a hot line. My husband had a feline child when I met him..and she has essentially become my own baby. This is Miss Kitty. She was named after Miss Kitty of Gunsmoke. Yes, the name truly suits her.


I've been knitting for less than a year and I have yet to make ANYTHING for myself. Seriously. I tried to learn crochet and yeah...I'm not very good with a hook it seems. I really love making shawls. They have the growing effect scarves give you..but prove to be more time consuming as projects go. In fact, my History of Magic homework is a shawl inspired by the magical ceiling of the Great Hall. It's funny..I got over half done in less than two days but then reality set in and I've lost a little momentum. Here is a pic of where I am.


Heck..I still haven't finished my swatch for my OWL. Real life sucks. I have thrown in the towel on trying to do the entire Ultimate Quest. I value my somewhat off sanity. I'm jsut going to do what strikes me. As for my OWL..I'm going with the Arithmancy option to make a ton of afghan squares...It's just..I'm such a slow knitter..I have no idea what to put for my time on making a single I never have steady amounts of time to do just one took me four days of small chunks of time just to write this. I'm normally fine with this. It's just what I'm used to. Anyone have any idea? I can estimate if I ever had a solid block of time to *only* knit I could get a square done in maybe two hours...yes I am that slow...but I have no way to time something as I do a row here...a few rows's just how I do things. *shrugs* I'll figure something out. for why I wanted to be in Slytherin. Would it be a cop out to say it just suits me? Yea..It probably would be. Even if it is true. I'm very ambitious..about things I actually care about. I'm crafty with a strong sense of self preservation and tact. I look before I leap and I'm always trying to do better than everyone in everything. Including myself. That and I've always had a thing for Snape. Me-yow. Until next week folks! you want to read more? Well..I want to save material for about you tell me what you want to read? Should I put in pics of hotties? Should I flash some stash? How about some sinfully decadent recipes? Maybe you'd like some Merry Beasts?

Let me know and see you next week! ^_^


Amy said...

I've been married for 2 1/2 years (wow) and I still think of us as newly weds. :D Cute kitty!

Lilleduck said...

Hi that shawl looks lovely! keep going, you'll get it done in no time.
One row now and then
turns in to
lots of rows in the end.

love reading about all you firsties blogg posts and the interviews!