Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Staff Interview - GazeboGal

CRC here again to give you the inside scoop on Quidditch Coach, Ravenclaw, Foxy's Human and all around Great Person GazeboGal!

  •  Tell us a little about yourself outside the cup.
I live in the Little Straw House with The Sweetie, The Elder Child, The V, and Puppy Dear. Sleep is my favorite thing, followed closely by food. I’m also co-moderator of Reducio Sock, which I love dearly. I’m 46, a religious educator, and a compulsive list-maker.
Before the House Cup, I never followed those lists; now I do!
Before the House Cup, I had very few friends; now I have many! Some are so dear as to be family.
Before the House Cup, I had a very boring stash; now it’s still too big, but definitely lovely :)
Before the House Cup, I mostly defined myself by my relationship to other people; now I define myself by what I do.

  •      Why did you choose to be Quidditch Coach?
When PrincessOnica came up with the idea for the House Cup and announced it in various Harry Potter Rav groups, I had been thinking about the 2008 Ravelympics. “Wouldn’t it be cool to have a team of a designer, a spinner, and a crafter working together on a project?” And then one morning I just noodled that idea around in my head until it fit the parameters of Quidditch - 7 players - and I sent it to Onica. She liked it! And a legend was born :)
So “why did I choose?” is more like “in what manner did your muse bash you over the head?”
  • What’s the most awesome part of coaching?
The Players. Creating the challenges each term.
Putting up the Q rules and riding the wave of excitement. Leadership Development - really and truly, so many players, Captains, Assistant Coaches have moved on to take more and more responsibility in the House Cup and elsewhere that I consider Quidditch to be one of our best nurturing-grounds.
Having a little sheep under my name.
  • Any Quidditch secrets or surprises coming this term?
Just low-key: I’m going to be writing a wee giftie for all the House Cuppers - keep your eye on the threads around the end of September.
  • If you could have one magical spell or object that would work in real life what would it be?
At first blush, I would say a “housework” spell - but really and truly? Really in my heart of hearts, if there could be only one thing, I would want a copy of Molly Weasley’s clock that told me the whereabouts and peril-level of my family.


Anonymous said...

Loves to you and Foxy GG!


MindySue said...

You are an inspiration to us all. I have learned so much about myself through my association with you and quidditch. Hope to play for many more terms.