Sunday, September 19, 2010

The New Deputy Headmistress- Needlesnswiffers

This interview was done when Needlesnswiffers was the groundskeeper.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of the House Cup.

My name is Stephanie and I’ve been knitting for about six years and crocheting for many more. I just started spinning last June and I have a crafting and cooking blog called They Call Me Yarn . I am a scientist by education but I am currently staying home with my two little boys. I live in Upstate New York where I love to get the chance to wear my handmade winter accessories.

2. What are your duties as Groundskeeper?

My two specific duties are to co-moderate all the classes along with the Caretaker and to acknowledge birthdays. I also keep the peace all around the House Cup and if something comes up, I fix it or take it to someone who can fix it. That goes for disputes, helping out other staff members with their workload, helping write and enforce rules and guidelines, mediating situations that could become heated, and just generally making things go smoothly. With almost 700 students and over 1800 group members, it keeps me busy.

3. What do you enjoy the most about HPKCHC?

I love the classes that inspire wacky stories, particularly the stories that take a little information from the books and apply an awful lot of hilarious imagination to make a project fit a class. Last term’s History of Magic assignment to make something inspired by one of the four founders of Hogwarts was a fantastic read, especially the many things that came to light about Salazar Slytherin!

4. What is you favorite part of being the Groundskeeper? Least favorite part?

My favorite part is helping people out, whether it’s technical crafting help, getting their pictures to post correctly, building their confidence to attempt an OWL, or helping to figure out how to get a project to fit a class assignment. My least favorite part is seeing people get upset and the amount of crafting time I give up to my staff duties for the Cup. On the other hand, even if I weren’t on the staff I couldn’t resist helping people, so I’d probably be doing it anyway.

5. If you could have one thing from Harry Potter in real life what would it be?

This question had me stumped for a bit. I mean, a wand wouldn’t do me much good in the real world and a flying broomstick would attract too much attention. I am rereading Book 6 right now and I’ve decided that a Pensieve would come in handy in the real world. Sometimes my brain does feel full, and there are some moments that it would be nice to see over and over. Although, I admit a time turner would be great!


Amanda said...

Great interview Stephanie!

Steph said...

:) Thanks!!