Monday, September 13, 2010

GO Gryffindor!

Hey Guys!

Yakattack from Gryffindor here! I guess I will start with a little bit about myself. Realizing I am a slacker and forgot to post last week. Yes, you may throw rocks or needles what ever you have on hand.

I have the dream job of actually working in a yarn store. It's my mom's store so she had to hire me. My mom taught me how to knit when I was nine. Nine year old Ivy thought knitting was dorky (lame I know). When I was twenty I really wanted my mom to knit a Gryffindor scarf. She said "you know how to knit and to do it yourself." Then I was hooked, now I see she tricked me. I am as big as a fiber freak as she is (thats a good thing). I shear, spin badly but I can do it, sye and knit. We also have a small herd of animals. If Webber Middle School could see me now. I just got a puppy named Walter.
I wanted to be a Gryffindor for two reasons; first Fred Weasley. If Fred was alive or a real person for that matter, i would stalk him. It would Happen! Reason two; I like the Brave thing, i am not afraid to try new fiber things, so... get ready crochet teacher!

I am very happy to report that I got my O.W.L. approved. AmyPC said the hardest part was waiting for approval. Yep, she was right. I must have checked the O.W.L. thread every hour all weekend long. Now, I am knitting an awesome blanket. I can not wait to cuddle up in it.
I finished my HoM homework a few days ago. I made an awesome cowl that is huge and going to be great for winter. I had a blast looking at blueprints of the castle. Good job to whoever made those! Here is the cowl

I am working on fingerless gloves for Herbology. I always wanted to make a pair. Good call Professor. One glove is done and I am eight rows into the second. Let's hope I finish them. I just read the Quidditch thread and I added a pair of those Gryffindor Pride color work socks to my knitting project list.

I better post this before Walter does...again Thank goodness for edit keys. Happy Crafting.

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Amy said...

I want to give Walter a hug!