Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Staff Interview

Hi All, I'm Red or CRC - Slytherin Fifth Year, Transfiguration TA, and most importantly right this second, one of your bloggers this term. I've been put in charge of our Friday Staff Interviews, and thought I would start with our beautiful Quidditch Coaches. This week, Suenosdejmi tells us about herself:

  • Tell us a little about yourself outside the cup.

Um, lets see. I’m Jamie. I just turned 27 in July. My life is so filled with things involving 1)yarn and/or 2) Harry Potter that its hard to say what I do otherwise. I listen to way to much Wrock & watch A Very Potter Musical on a fairly regular basis. Outside of yarn & Harry Potter, I’m a retail sales associate. It’s terribly exciting.

  • Why did you choose to be a Quidditch Coach?

Well, my second term in the House Cup, I decided I wanted to take on a little bit of a role, but I wasn’t ready for something major. Onica was taking volunteers for people to be on a Substitute Staff list, to only be called in if something happened to someone and they had to step down. I was on the top of that list, so when Jane-H-Potter had to take some time off, I got called in part of the way through the term to Assist with Quidditch. And I’ve been there ever since (though this is my first term being promoted to Coach!)

  • What’s the most challenging part of coaching?

Trying to make things as simple as possible, while still making it a totally awesome fun part of the game. In my head, the more layers an idea has, and the more ways you have to play it, the better it is. But I know this isn’t how everyone thinks, so I’m constantly scaling down ideas I have for challenges.

  • Favorite and least favorite part of coaching.

Favorites: Watching what people do with the concepts. Seeing the amazing projects that come out of Quidditch. Charity. Gotta heart the charity.

Least favorite: The sadness that comes with explaining Quidditch a whole bunch and people still not getting it.

  • If you could have one (spell, potion, charm whatever) that would work in real life what would it be?

OOH. Nice question! I think if I could have one spell that would work in real life, it would be Accio! Because, lets face it, I’m pretty lazy. With Accio, I could make my tea come to me from the coffee table, and find my telephone when I lose it -and it would be magic.


LFSAlden said...

/*Fist pumps in mid-air!*/
So dorky we think we're cool!

Lovies for Challenge Quidditch Coach!


KL said...

I would also like to master the Accio charm, not only to find telephone, but also house keys, missing (but quite crucial) pieces of lego/board games/jigsaw puzzles, and the lost needle from that size of dpns!!