Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dear Foxy

Dear Foxy,
This castle has been known to be cold and drafty throughout the winter months, nevermind the outdoors! What are some of your best tips for keeping warm and safe in this weather? If anyone would know, it would be an arctic fox, right? Madam Pomfrey has more important things to do than curing frostbite all the time. (And Peevesy is sick of having his ears and nose unfrozen.)

::Foxy wagwagwags at Friend Peeves!::
::Foxy slows down and wags. fluffy. tail.::
::Foxy grooms. fluffy. fur::
::Foxy takes Peevesey on tour of classrooms, where students are crocheting, crocheting, crocheting and knitting, knitting, knitting warm and toasty things!::
::Foxy leads Peevesey on tour through common rooms. Strong Friends share amazing roasted goodness! Brave Friends share lots of chocolate! Witty Friends share hot salsa and perfectly toasted marshmallows! Clever Friends share something called hotties!::

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