Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Babblings from the Broomsticks

Hello, my lovelies and what a pleasant month it is, no? No matter your city, state, county, province, country, how can you possibly not love a month that has such wonderfully magical associations?!?!? Marvelous!

This weekend, the beautiful Professor Fricknfrack was kind enough to join me for a warm butterbeer and a set of questions :) Enjoy!

The Books

Which character in Harry Potter do you relate to most?

Hermione because we both solve all our problems by finding an answer in a book.
If there were one object from the Harry Potter universe that you could pull into real life, what would it be?

The Marauders’ Map - it’s just too cool.

When I ask you what your favorite scene is in the series, what’s the first one that comes to mind?

When Harry and Hagrid enter Diagon Alley for the first time. An entire hidden culture appears complete with shopping.

The Basics

How did you first become involved with the House Cup?

I stumbled across it while checking out Harry Potter groups when I first joined Ravelry. The group was just forming and it sounded like fun and we all knew it was only going to last three months so it wouldn’t be a time sink…

What is your favorite part of the House Cup?

Learning the new class assignments on the first of the month.

Do you have any advice to hand out to the new students here at Hogwarts?

Don’t be shy. Leave comments, ask questions, talk to other students even ones that aren’t in your House. You’ll meet some marvelous people here.

The Knitty Gritty

Do you knit, crochet, spin? Any other hidden talents?

I knit, crochet and quilt.

Why did you first pick up your knitting needles (or craft of choice)?

Knitting was an “exploratory” activity in 5th grade. I was the only one to finish my garter stitch elf slippers. They were pretty simple so I made a cardigan. I dabbled with knitting for years but didn’t become obsessed until I did a project on the history of knitting for an art class. My 5-page paper ended up being 57 pages long and the project involved one lace sampler scarf, two pairs mittens, a sock and an entire gansey sweater.

Of all of your self-made projects, which one brings you the most pride?

My hieroglyph quilt which I use as my Ravatar. It was the first quilt I’d ever made from an original idea of my own. I still like it every time I look at it. (If you need a more yarn-y example for the blog, my favorite knitting project is my Knitting Olympics sweater that I made in 2008. I missed a Gold Medal by five (5!) rows.)

Is there a craft or technique you’d like to try that you haven’t gotten to yet?

Tatting. Tatting contiues to defeat me. I need to see someone doing it.

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