Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, first and second weekers!

The Sorting Ceremony's excitement has toned down over the course of a few days, and the flurry of activities following the first day of class has also settled down--if not by much--it is time for yet another celebration, because in Hogwarts we are never short of festivities!

I present to you, students whose birthdays were last week (don't forget to give them a pat, maybe summon some cake for them, or even ask the house-elves to throw a party!):
  • 1 September: lavenderblueskies
  • 3 September: jidawson and Dragonsinger (Prefect)
And for the following week (mark these dates so you can treat them to Firewhiskey--except BabyKan, of course):
  • 7 September: pacasha
  • 8 September: autumnleaf77
  • 9 September: sparksearcher (Head of House)
  • 10 September: allymoon and WantsBabies
  • 11 September: TwistedTava and BabyKan (mother AddyKan is DADA assistant)
Happy Birthday!

And to those who want their share of Butterbeer and/or Firewhiskey but have not yet filled the Birthday form , please do so here.

PS: Students are listed based on their respective house colors: red for Gryffindors, yellow for Hufflepuffs, blue for Ravenclaws, and green for Slytherins.

ETA: apologies to Dragonsinger whom I missed.


Dragonsinger said...

Actually, you forgot dragonsinger, Hufflepuff prefect on Sept 3 :D *points to the forum birthday thread*

Rlynn said...

Oops, I'm sorry Dragonsinger!
I asked all HoHs to put the Birthday form to be filled out by their students (because some people might not want to be recognized), but apparently you missed the announcement!