Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Featured Projects, Part II

Good Morning Hogwartians! Red here with "The blog reporters' favorite projects so far" part two.

First, Covington has nominated this beautiful shawl that Fosterson of Slytherin turned in for Transfiguration. Fosterson, you have won a set of five Kneazle/Kitty toys from rncrowthers. Maybe they will help keep Madame Leota occupied for a while. (Transfiguration, post #414)

I wracked my brain trying to think of my favorite project this month. Then I realized that it should be the project I had to tell my wife all about as we were getting ready for bed one night. So tiny and perfect, created by MyDailyFiber of Hufflepuff for Herbology (post 369). MyDailyFiber, you've won a project bag made by Curiouskate.

Stay tuned for more prizes as the month closes, and if you'd like to donate a prize, please contact Deputy Headmistress Hilltopkatie!