Monday, September 28, 2009

Babblings from the Broomsticks

It's almost October, collegues and students! We're moving through this semester at a startling pace, and the projects are simply gorgeous.

This week, let me fill you in on some details on our lovely Snowqueen73, our Herbology Professor. The moment her broomstick landed and she hopped off with a flourish, I knew she was going to be a blast to interview!

The Books

Which character in Harry Potter do you relate to most?

Shameful sigh Hermione. I really am that nerdy girl with her nose always in a book. I just cannot let rhetorical questions go unanswered - its a compulsion to say something. I’m so un-zen. And I tend to make things harder than they should be, trying to incorporate some fancy-schmancy trick when I should just leave well enough alone and stick to the basics.

If there were one object from the Harry Potter universe that you could pull into real life, what would it be?

Hippogriff. Who doesn’t want a ton of fur, feathers, and beak to help kick some booty?

When I ask you what your favorite scene is in the series, what’s the first one that comes to mind?

Any scene where Snape comes walking in, black robes billowing, hands adjusting the white trim at the wrists, upper lip twitched just so. All those buttons…swoon. Awesome costume.

The Basics

How did you first become involved with the House Cup?

Hmmm, I stalked someone over to the site. Likely suspects include zanhoria12 and aerieiris, because they’re in another couple of forums I watch. Sounds creepy, I know. Did a month as a NQFY, then a full term, now teaching.

What is your favorite part of the House Cup?

New class projects. Gives me lots of motivation to try new things. And actually finish stuff. Just something about having a month to finish a project (or six) that really works. And the OWLs get big stuff out of my queue. So says the person who is doing her first OWL this term…

Do you have any advice to hand out to the new students here at Hogwarts?

You gotta do what makes you happy. Skill levels are all over the place here. Don’t be distracted by what someone else makes and think you have to do the same. There’s 18 projects, plus quidditch and OWLs - plenty of things for everyone to do something and learn a new technique. That should be its own reward.

The Knitty Gritty

Do you knit, crochet, spin? Any other hidden talents?

I knit and sew and just learned to crochet. In my day job, I save lives, or at least try not to kill people. Love to cook, do some gardening, watch birds, and spend other people’s money. But who doesn’t? I also dance, well, used to, although I still Shuffle Off to Buffalo whenever Engine 12 doesn’t want to start. Seriously. At two in the morning, we get a run, the engine doesn’t want to start; lieut calls dispatch and says we’re delayed. Driver goes over everything, we plug it back into shoreline, I do my tap dance, and tell the driver to try again, and no kidding, it starts. And away we go. I think it’s just a quirk that it wasn’t getting enough juice, and a good shuffle is just the right amount of time to put enough charge on the battery to get it to go. But there it is. Works on medics too.

Why did you first pick up your knitting needles (or craft of choice)?

Well, I learned the basics many years ago but never did anything with it. Two years ago, to this date ( actually Sept 22, 2007), I fell off a horse and fractured my pelvis. Worst. Pain. Evah. So….I got to sit on my butt for three months. Only so many books I can read, I discovered. So somehow or another I pulled out some needles and yarn (its like they magically appeared in the house or something, it may have been a christmas present from long ago) and began knitting. Went to Jo-Ann’s, saw a blanket pattern, got more yarn, made blanket. And another. And just kept on knitting. Drives the man nuts now.

Of all of your self-made projects, which one brings you the most pride?

Well, I have a pretty good rock wall and garden that I made. I did a 1550s tudor outfit for a friend in the SCA that rocked, despite the fact it was nylon velvet (he bought the materials, I had nothing to do with that. I just made it work). Knitting-wise, I think my Bacchus socks I did for Herbology last term rock like Amadeus.

Is there a craft or technique you’d like to try that you haven’t gotten to yet?

I’m this close to spinning. It’s going to happen. Soon. Like, beginning of next year. I have so much stash that I want to get through first. And I’ll have to play some WarMachine to keep the man happy. Otherwise, if I walk through the house with a spinning wheel, his head might explode. And he’s a fairly good guy. I think I’m going to keep him around a bit, no need to go recreating the Exoricist in the living room. So yeah, spinning soon. But don’t tell him.

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