Tuesday, June 2, 2009

View From a First Year # 6


Guess what that means? Yup that's right, new assignments! This month is going to really put my skills to the test.

I am going to attempt illusion knitting for Charms even though my knitting skills are not excellent and it will be my first time undertaking such a task. Oh well, no guts no glory!

Our DADA professor has given us the chance to torture ourselves by finishing some WIP that has been gathering dust in our closet. The toughest part of this is picking which project of the many that have been left unfinished to complete. That is a dilemma ;)

Make sure you stop by our rotating classes for this month's Divination and Transfiguration. The assignments are quite intriguing and I'm sure the projects are going to be quite amazing.

Quidditch has certainly gotten interesting by the week. I love looking at everyone's beautiful wristies that they have completed as well as the baby wear. I encourage everyone to try their hand at this week's assignment - a limerick. Just reading them is quite inspiring :D

I also want to wish everyone that got their OWL approved, good luck. I can't believe some people are already done! I am working hard to crank out the pieces to mine.

Off to get working on my assignments.
- Clara
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