Thursday, May 28, 2009

View From a First Year # 5

May is Coming to an End

No!!! I can't believe how fast the time has flown! I can't believe that in a matter of only a few days the month will be over! How can this be?? ;)

I hope that everyone has done well on their assignments. I just turned a few of my own in. I love everyone's creativity and assignments. Another round of pats on the backs to all of my schoolmates! I say a nice trip to Hogsmeade this weekend would be lovely. What better way to show off everyone's pretty creations? :D

I can't wait for June to begin! I am excited to learn of all the new assignments that our professors have in store for us. I also can't wait to go do some more yarn shopping, although my trunk is quite full of yarn as it is. Oh well, there is always room for more. Good thing yarn is quite squeezable. mmm Malabrigo, I need more Malabrigo :)

P.S. --> I also can not wait until I am feeling better. I have unfortunately been visiting Madam Pomfrey in the Infirmary more than I have wanted to. Darn allergies attacking (and I have yet to find a decent spell to stop them).


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