Thursday, April 30, 2009

View From a First Year


I have been waiting with anticipation for a bit now to get word of where I was going to be sorted. Slytherin pride runs through my veins, but you still never know just where the hat will put you. Today was the Sorting Ceremony and I am proud to say that I ended up where I wanted to be and I hope everyone else did too. I have already been chatting with others in the common room and have been having a blast meeting everyone. I also got a kind message from my Big Snake (mentor today). I think that this is an awesome program to help guide us and answer questions so we don't have to keep running to the Prefects or Head of House when problem arise. I'm sure they are occupied enough as it is. Although I do know that they are always there when we have a question.

(Our "View From A First Year" column is brought to you by ajkane, a First Year Slytherin at HPKCHC Hogwarts. The original posts can be found here.)

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