Monday, April 13, 2009

Teaching Staff Summon Students

In an effort to involve members of the group, the teaching staff and volunteers have started sending Summoning Charms (aka PMs) to students to remind them that Spring Term 2009 sign-ups are open. Spring term will run May-June-July 2009. Sign-ups will close on April 28, midnight PST. (Subject to change)

While the staff tried to avoid Summoning students that were already enrolled, there may be a few spells that go astray. Students that have already enrolled and are struck with a stray charm should not worry, the spell will quickly wear off. Madame Pomfrey has advised the simple counter charm of deleting the said errant charm (PM).

The Spreadsheet Sorceress is diligently working with the Sorting Hat & is keeping a close watch on the Sign-up Thread. If you signed up, she has your information. If you need to change your house selection, just “Reply to Thread” and say “I’m *insert rav-id* I need to change my preference to: Choice A, Choice B, Choice C.” It WILL be noted.

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