Tuesday, April 14, 2009

13 Days into Sign-up!

A Breakdown/Analysis from ScarlettB

Total students enrolled: 247
Current house size: 61.75

First Choices (en français):
Gryffondor = 65 (~26%)
Poufsouffle = 56 (~23%)
Serdaigle = 67 (~27%)
Serpentard = 51 (~21%)
Aucune préférence: 8 (~3%)

Second choices (in italiano)
Grifondoro: 60 (~24%)
Tassorosso: 45 (~18%)
Corvonero: 58 (~23%)
Serpeverde: 55 (~22%)
Nessuna preferenza: 29 (~12%)

Returning Students (in English, as I have run out of funny translated names for the houses):
Total: 105
G= 27 (~26% of current sign ups, 67.5% retention from last year)
H= 29 (~28% of current sign ups, 72.5% retention from last year)
R= 26 (~25% of current sign ups, 65% retention from last year)
S= 22 (~21% of current sign ups, 55% retention from last year)
NP= 1 (~1%)

First Years!
Total: 142 (holy crap!)
Roar! 38 (~27%)
Huzzah! 27 (~19%)
Soar! 41 (~29%)
Slither On! 29 (~20%)
General Yay! 7 (~5%)

The morals of the analysis:

  • Despite my fear, the houses actually aren’t that far off of one another - the distance from the least-chosen to the most-chosen is only 16 people.
  • Hufflepuffs are the most loyal to the Cup and their houses, and thus most likely to stick around from term to term.
  • Slytherins are most likely to be all-or-nothing: 9 Slytherin 1st choices don’t care where else they’re sorted (or, more likely, since…hey, we’re Slytherins: don’t want to play unless we’re Slytherins (I am one of those 9))
  • Ravenclaws are most likely to specify a second choice. Probably because we’ve mentioned how popular that house is, and how high the odds they might be sorted elsewhere are.

Other Fun Facts:

  • When you arrange the houses alphabetically, as I always do, Gryffindor is first, Hufflepuff next, then Ravenclaw, and Slytherin is last

  • The first student, alphabetically, is aayjay, who wants to be a Gryffindor.

  • The person right in the center, alphabetically, is KnitforBrains. She chose Hufflepuff and then Ravenclaw.

  • The last student, alphabetically, is Zanahoria12, who wants to be a Slytherin

  • These alphabetical analogues are creeping me out a little bit.


~melly said...

i think part of the reason for the huge number of non-claws is that we as first years were led to believe that we simply wouldn't get palced in claw. there was too much of a tilt thaty direction. i am a claw, through and through. i really am. absolutely, not two ways about it. i ahve blue and bronze clothes, i have a 'claw patch on two sweaters. i have 'claw icons, 'claw paper journals, and i really don't sync up with the reasons of the other houses...

however, when i signed up, i didn't list Ravenclaw as a choice, because i thought that pretty much, all the "claw spots were "taken" as it were. i would have prefferd Ravenclaw, then Hufflepuff of slytherin equally, and gryffindor last (i'm not a griff. no way, no how, not even a little), but i seriously though there was no chnce of me gettingin sorted into Ravenclaw. so i preffed puff.

several of the ravelry posts were pretty darned negative about the likelyhood of ANY firstyear making ravenclaw, so i abandoned it in favor of the most likely second choice. i think that this might have a TON to do with te even-ness of your "prefs". when someone thinks and option isn't open to them, they go for second choice as first. so i think you probably had a LOT of ravenclaw-minded first years not even attempt ravenclaw. skewed, ne?

Fish On The Wall said...

~melly: As I don't know your Rav-id, I can't reply personally, but you will notice that this update & stats were from the 14 day of sign-ups, before the balance of signups got so skewed.
I'm sorry if you felt you couldn't name Ravenclaw as a top choice-- but not knowing WHEN you signed up-- and not being involved with the sorting process- it is still possible that you CAN be sorted into Ravenclaw, as the house sizes will be more than double the size last term.
As Hufflepuff HOH, I'll welcome all the new Firsties, even if being a Puff wasn't your top pick. I hope you will give whichever house you are assigned your best effort, as this really can be a fun game!