Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Students have jumped right in to classes here at Hogwarts with tons of enthusiasm and creativity. The first 2 weeks of homework assignments have produced some exceptional results.

January's Charms class has been producing a flurry of Patronuses. Lupingirl of Gryffindor made some sweet little slippers to ward off the winter blues.

GazeboGal's foxy patronus can be seen bouncing around daily!

Smartcinderella of Slytherin made a beautiful emerald green hat to ward off her "inner Snape."

Leesy of Hufflepuff used her own handspun merino/bamboo yarn to make a lace cowl.

She says: "As everyone knows, blue is the color of calmness and care and keeps away Dementors; bamboo invokes spirits of protection; and Firestar and Angelina, especially in silver, repel vampires, doxies, and many other beings you might not want too close to you. So all-in-all, a perfect charm."
Sounds like an A+ assignment to me!

Over in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class, students have been practicing shaking off the Imperius hex with their own unique creations:

Strblysneetch of Hufflepuff.

Xamonster of Ravenclaw.

Ronnica of Slytherin.

Amlstitcher of Gryffindor.

If you haven't seen what's been going on in the Herbology greenhouses, you're missing out! Professor Kaae is having students clean out and re-pot their projects.







Our professors are clearly doing a wonderful job so far this term, and students are rising to the challenge!

On a side note, please be on the lookout for ninjas in the hallways. Avoid secret passages and deserted corridors on your way to classes. If you suspect ninja activity, please report it to your prefects immediately.


Anonymous said...

Great update! *snort* Ninjas in the hallways...

Jo said...

Cleaning out and repotting projects!

What a good idea!

I think I missed that somehow, but it sounds like something I should do.

Onica said...

Ninja's. *shudder*