Saturday, January 24, 2009

Quotes From The Common Rooms

Here are a few highlights from the Common Rooms.
(Some names and misspelled words have been removed) was one of those middle-of-the-night-pop-up-in-bed epiphanies….

that is the most awesome screen name explanation ever.

Remember, chocolate you eat in our Common Room is guilt- and calorie-free! :D

There is a fine line between enthusiasm and mental illness. I did not cross the line, I jumped 6 feet past it.

Um, is it unRavenclaw-like to watch pro wrestling with an eye for the man candy?

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with looking without queuing…

Is that even possible?

Animals are cool. But the Gryffindors have BabyKan.

Oh, my Bob, gang, I just signed up for everything!

I’m also signed up for Arithmancy. My personality results were downright spooky, they really sounded just like me…both the good AND the bad

I’d swatch it myself but am in the middle of sorting out my stash for herbology and there’s yarn everywhere.

OK I’m on a role…I finished my herbology homework and posted it and also finished my Charms homework and just posted it….

And I haven’t even started anything yet :(


knotty.knitter said...

lol I know at least one of those was from me, and a couple more were from GazeboGal. We should turn this into a treaure hunt!


Anonymous said...

I recognized something I said and something GazeboGal said. I remember reading all those when they were first posted, but I can't remember who said what now...


Sarah said...