Monday, August 25, 2008

How it will all work. AKA... what you need.

Hi! It's me again. Your absolutely crazy and slightly manic Headmistress. I'm going to address a topic that a few people have questioned me about. The structure (or seemingly lack thereof, but never fear folks it's all planned out) of my brainchild The House Cup.

1. Students will Enroll in the house cup on Ravelry (done... sign ups are closed.)
2. Teachers will come up with 3 assignments. One for each month of play. Now, some assignments are small and some might take you a few weeks. That's why there is three months of play and why there aren't a ton of assignments per class. This too has already been worked out. I'm sorry if I haven't posted the classes (or materials needed) yet. I firmly will NOT do that until start of term. It takes all the fun out of it. But do know this: a lot of the projects will be stash busters (aka themed projects). For example: Herbology... make something that has a leaf motif in it or is green or is leafy.
3. The point system has already been worked out. The teachers are in charge of points for their class. 5 points to start a project, and points for completion. The number of points given is up to the teacher. The moderators will be moderating to make sure that the teachers are being fair and impartial.
4. STUDENTS DO NOT HAVE TO DO EVERY ASSIGNMENT OR EVERY CLASS. The only rule is that at least ONE person from each house be doing the assignment.
5. There will be Quidditch.
6. End of Term will be the last day of November. If you were really smart you could use some of these knitted/croceted items for Holiday Gifts.
7. The winning house will be the one with the most points.
8. I will be doing other giveaways and contests. Just keep your eye out on the Blog for those.
9. I will post on Ravelry when I have updated the blog.
10. And no, I still haven't figured out where to keep track of the points so everyone can obsess endlessly over them.

I hope this answers any questions that are out there. I realize there are people who are not near LYS's or a craft store so that is why you are not required to take every class. This is supposed to be fun and help you get ready for the next movie. If and when it ever comes out.... sigh.

Hugs and Kisses,

Headmistress Onica


Sheila said...

Thanks, headmistress! You ROCK!!!

knitting by kaae eller bare Charlotte said...

weeee. looking forward to start :)

Emma Wigworthy said...

It's looking good!