Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello my lovely cupppers!
Sorry I missed last weeks entry of the Quidditch cup update.
It's been hot out there and I have been playing pick-up games. In addition to dehydration, I got hit with a couple of  bludgers!

Enough about me, here is the official lowdown on the Quidditch cup!

Challenge 1
Hufflepuff: 1605 
Ravenclaw: 1170 
Slytherin: 1590
Challenge 2:
Gryffindor: 900 
Hufflepuff: 1215 
Ravenclaw: 855 
Slytherin: 1155
Challenge 3: 
Gryffindor: 113 
Hufflepuff: 137 
Ravenclaw: 108 
Slytherin: 146
This makes a current grand total of:
Gryffindor: 2573 
Hufflepuff: 2957 
Ravenclaw: 2133 
Slytherin: 2891

So that ends the Quidditch portion of events! We will now move into the Ravellenics events.
So do you have a project that you can't figure out where it should go?
We have this Handy dandy flow chart! It should help with all your questions. I once was confused, but this chart is really great!

No video this week! But I'll be back with an inspirational  one next week!

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