Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I ch-ch-challenge you!

G'day me lovely Cuppers!

We are 6 days into class and 4 into the second quidditch challenge.
We have seen some great stuff out on the field in the first few days of the challenge.
There seems to be an even split of house colours. I know for a fact that a few Sltytherin have used colours other than their own house.
We've seen crochet, knitting, dying. There may even be a bit of Tunisian crochet running around!
Probably the most popular thing at the moment are HATS!
Nothing like a great hat to add to your woollies.

I present you with a sampling of the wonderful projects that have made it to the pitch so far!

So I admit that I have been remiss in getting my own project down to the pitch, but it is on the needles and will make an appearance soon!

Go forth and house color bomb the castle and the quiddtich pitch!

FYI! You will notice that I sometimes have a U in colour. That's because I am Canadian and we have a u in color. So I am using it interchangeably!


maineknitter1975 :-) said...

Thanks for highlighting so many gorgeous lovelies.
You are so amazing with your video skills. I aspire to your greatness. :-)

maineknitter1975 :-) said...
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simpleAsDust said...

Hello fellow Potter fan!

I recently created Harry Potter inspired crochet hooks that I am really trying to promote to other fans of the craft and the magic! Was wondering if this site had room for a posting about my new, handmade, custom wand crochet hooks!

here is a link to my etsy shop:

Thank you for your time and please write if you have any questions or comments.