Saturday, June 2, 2012

Advanced Studies: Week 5

Hello, fellow house-cuppers! This is Angiejude, bringing you the latest in Advanced Studies! You know, OWLs, OotPs, NEWTs...

Let’s get strated with NEWTs!
This month, NEWT students will be able to turn in 75% of their progress for 100 points! A lot of people turned in their 50%. There’s no knowing who will take the most points yet. We’ll see probably at the end of June, when they turn in their 75%. Go NEWT students!

Yesterday was the first day of midterm turn ins.

And it was Ravenclaw who managed to turn in the first project, belonging to cyprienne. She is attempting a Charms OWL with the Echo Flower Shawl pattern and she already reached her 50%. 
Then it was turn for Hufflepuff to send in KnitInferno with 50% of her DADA OWL. 

Gryffindor and Slytherin seem to be sleeping... or plotting a strategy, it’s too early to know. What we can say is: only three people turned in 50% of their projects on the first day of the month.

One project that I had mentioned on the first Advanced Studies post of the term as a “must-check-out-progress” was spot on. It’s otismurph’s Astronomy OWL. She is designing a beautiful sweater that looked awesome in drawing and guess what? It is! She already knit the sample!

Remember this?

Well, it turned into this! Isn't it a pattern we would all like to knit?

So, that’s it for today, folks. Be sure to read next week’s article to check out if your project has been mentioned.

Who do you think we should check out? 

Until next week!

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