Saturday, May 12, 2012

Advanced Studies, week 2

Hello, again fellow house-cuppers. This is Angiejude your Advanced Studies reporter, bringing you the all the happenings on OWLs, OotPs and NEWTs!

Let me start by congratulating all advanced studies teachers because word in all the four common rooms is, they have all been working at full speed to accept projects as soon as possible. And, Merlin knows what a demanding job that is! Seems like everyone wants a piece of that cup. All houses have been proposing projects like mad! Let´s wait and see how many students pull through.

May 6th was the first day for handing in BROOMs, which are the OotP proposals. And remember folks, you have until the 20th to hand in a proposal and you can´t cast on until you get the green light, that is until May 27th. Write that down, you don´t want to forget it,

Interesting stuff: Hufflepuff house is doing an OotP along to guard the Hall of Prophecy. Lots of eager badgers have turned in their proposals to craft together. Watch out, other houses, badgers mean business this term and we all know how hard working they are.

As far as NEWTs go, kountingsheep from Ravenclaw house is knitting a wedding veil for a friend! And her swatch looks awesome. Check it out in the NEWT Hall.

In the OWL Hall, secrettrail from Ravenclaw is making a Divination OWL and she is making a whol set of Alice in Wonderland items. We´ll keep a close eye on them. They sound amazing!
Don’t forget to check out this section every Saturday if you want to “ooh” and “aah” at some of the most beautiful, daring projects in this cup. 

Also be prepared for next week because we will be featuring the professors favorite projects so far and the ones they are looking forward to seeing completed.

Until next time! Tah-tah!

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