Friday, March 9, 2012

Felix Felicis Friday: March 2012 Edition

It's time for another round of Felix Felicis Friday!  Last Friday was crazy for me, so it got pushed back a week.

First, we need to recap last month's Felix Felicis.  I asked the following:

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Ron eats chocolates given to Harry by Romilda Vane. These chocolates were laced with Amorentia, the most powerful love potion in the world. Ron quickly succumbs to feelings of deep affection for Romilda and must be taken to Professor Slughorn for a cure. If you had a vial of Amortentia, upon whom would you want to use it?

My favorite response just happened to be the first response! Knitticism13 said,

"Matthew Lewis certainly Neville'd up through the years...

Need I say more?"

This reminds me of a meme that went around recently:

Knitticism13, I'll PM you with instructions for how to claim your prize. 

For March, I thought we'd honor an Irish lad.  Here is March's Felix Felicis question!

Seamus Finnigan, Harry’s dormmate, is the most notable Irish lad in the Harry Potter series. When meeting Harry, Seamus informs us of his heritage:

”I’m half and half. Me dad’s a Muggle; Mam’s a witch. Bit of a nasty shock for him when he found out.”

If you had fallen in love with a muggle, would you keep your witch/wizard nature a secret? How would you tell the person you love that you are a witch/wizard?

It's a tough decision to make!  Please include your Ravelry ID with your answer.

Best of luck to you all!

Your Editor-in-Chief, AbbyEBee


LFSAlden said...

Madame Editor?

If it's a true marriage, it must be based on trust.
And if it's a true marriage, the spouse will figure out the witch's magical identity.

There's a fine line, of course. Before one marries, one can't reveal the wizarding world. To marry with integrity, one must have revealed the wizarding world.

There's a tradition in Wiltshire of inviting the about-to-be-in-law to a private party the night before a wedding where the magical member of the couple reveals her or his patronus. If things go all right, the rest of the family wizards call on their patroni and they spend the night teaching their newest relation all about magic. If it goes pear-shaped, a large amount of alcohol is called for, confundus charms abound, and all that remains for the Muggle is a hangover.

Because of the hereditary nature of the patroni of the Wiltshire's famous Greenforest family, such a gathering came to be known as a Stag Party.

Allena said...

I personally think if you're going to be married to someone you'd want to tell them everything already. Marriages that start out with lies can only end poorly. But marriage is about trust and love.
They probably already notice how you are able to do things much quicker than the average person so I'm sure they'd suspect already.
But having a memory charm handy to fix things should it go south is smart too. B/c we have the secrecy of magic to protect!

Kristen said...

this reminds of a hilarious comment i heard on a muggle tv show last night: "you can't build a relationship based on a lie! you have to start fresh, and then sprinkle in the lies as you go along."
so i would be hones with my betrothed, assuming they would love everything about me enough to get over that one little hiccup. ~mediaperuana

Courtney Clark said...

I think Samantha in Bewitched did it well, even though she sprung her witch identity in him after they were married. I think I would try to give little "hints" like magical things happening when we're alone to see if he caught on. I'd have to check the magical law to see if that were legal, of course... But I think if someone really loves you for who you are, they will accept you, wizard or not!

guenevol, NQFY

janalee said...

my marriage is about trust (and yes i seem to be following the theme of the previous comments here). so in order to be true to my values, i'd need to reveal my magical heritage to my husband before we got married. lucky for me, he's pretty easygoing about most things.

Anonymous said...

A marriage is all about joining two lives together into one new one. I would never want to leave magic out of this new life, so my prospective spouse has to know. Even if, for some reason, I had already planned on giving up magic, the chances of passing on the gift to any future children would be high. I would hate to be explaining things a decade down the road when a Hogwarts letter came by owl. No secrets, no lies- were I treated with Veritaserum, my spouse would not hear anything he doesn't already know.


Jen Cragen said...

Maineknitter1975 here. I agree that relationships based on trust are best. That being said, I would not overtly say anything about magic, but I wouldn't necessarily hide magic either. Spouses will find out, and it's not a negative to be hidden. Just don't have to beat them over the head with it.

Maria said...

Most definitely would have to tell. Or maybe show would be the better way...a quick apparition to Paris for dinner would be a nice introduction to the Wizarding World.

And it doesn't hurt to have a memory charm in your back pocket should it turn unpleasant.


WaterInaPuddle said...

Intallcotton here:

I've seen enough Muggle TV to know that you have to be up front with these muggle types. So yes, I would have to tell him. But I don't think just telling him would do the trick. I rather expect, again, thanks to Muggle TV, that just telling him would land me in a loony bin. And while I would find it quite easy to escape from such an establishment, it would be really quite tedious after a while. So I think I would be up front from the get go, making sure I don't break any wizard laws, and make it quite clear that I am who I am and that I'm with a muggle who can handle not only that, but also any children with magical talent we may have. After all, I rather not be stuck with a muggle who can't appreciate me for who I truly am.

Amanda (sparkeespud) said...

Well I have to say the person I'd marry woudl probably be able to figure it out pretty quickly, being smart and all. I mean really how can I always wake up with perfect hair, never have broccoli in my teeth, and always have dinner "whipped up in a jiffy"???? Yeah, I'm certain they would catch on eventually and I'd have to let them in on the secret.

Jayannell said...

I'd be wary, probably, because it's my nature to be cautious, but I also wouldn't keep information about my magical identity hidden in an attempt to deceive. At the beginning of the relationship, I would find ways to let the truth filter gently into my beloved's consciousness. The question asked about love and not marriage. If a marriage was involved, I'd be sure that the fiance knew about my magical abilities before any ceremony took place, but by that point, I'm sure he would know. And I love the idea of apparating to some beautiful place to deliver the news.

Holly Miniea said...

I think I would have to be honest with him. I certainly wouldn't want him running off years later!

I think in order to tell him, I would start dropping hints, or things would start happening until that became "normal." Then I would come out and tell him.


Alrischa said...

I'd love to be secretly magic. Granted, I'd have to explain when the babies started floating their toys around, but I'm going to be wicked and say I'd rather be "The awesome wife who can do everything perfectly somehow" :)

PlainSimpleGarak said...

Well... I would only tell my husband if I ~had~ to. Slytherin fiendishness, perhaps, but my fiancee is a ~horrific~ worrywart and he already imagines all of the terrible things that evil wizards and wayward drivers, vicious deer and small mammals may do to me while he's not around. Therefore, to save his sanity, I would shelter him from the truth as long as possible.

Fernie Devon said...

I for one would not necessarily tell them right away, but I would wait and make sure that they were the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with. Most definitely they would be told before we were married.

I would most likely sit them down and tell them. I would make sure that they had time to digest what all that I told them and were calm before we would be seen in public again.

Rav ID - KnitInferno

CraftyShanna said...

I can't keep anything from my sweet muggle husband, so of course I have told him of my true nature. I think it happened after the first time we were intimate and he said it was magical. "Of course it was dear, I'm a witch! What did you expect?"

Dottydori said...

Well I think that if your prospective beau loves you he should know you pretty well before the Day, and so would probably have some suspicions. But then on the other hand keeping some surprises keeps a marriage alive and exciting. Bit of a conundrum here. I love my DH and trust him totally so for me not a problem, but what happens if you tell your ´dirty little secret´ and then the marriage or even the betrothal falls apart. theres a muggle out there tha knows all about you. Not good in my book.

SharonLuvs2Knit2 - NQFY said...

This question takes me back to "Bewithced!".

I would tell the man I loved. If he truly is to love me, he has to love all of me. I would play up the good part about being married to a witch and the importance of keeping our "family" secret.