Wednesday, February 15, 2012

JUST IN.....

Hogsmeade Villiage will be represented across the House Cup in 12 distinct locations. Each location will be its own thread, and will be hosted by a small group of student and staff volunteers. Each House Group will be hosting 2 Hogsmeade Locations, and 4 Locations will be hosted in the Main HPKCHC group. For the blog readers tuning in, here’s a special preview of some of the House Group locations.
The Shrieking Shack!
Horror stories the House Cup way (a.k.a crafting woes and nightmares!)
Dervish and Banges!
Reparo getting you down? Got a sweater with a zillion ends to weave in and just wanna get it done already? Bring it to Dervish and Banges!
A joke shop hosted in Slytherin, definitely something you don’t want to miss!
Scrivenshaft’s Quill Shop!
Are you in the mood to put aside the yarn and try something totally different? Check out Scrivenshaft’s, where the theme is all paper, all the time!

You can start at Hogsmeade Station for all the info!

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