Thursday, February 23, 2012

Funny times part 2

Good day people!
So here is part 2 of the Zonko's extraviganza!
We had a caption contest. There were 8 captions and people could enter each of the contests. There were some funny funny stuff. The votes are in! Here are the captions that won added to the photo:

Caption 1 - Winner: Knidancer
 Caption 2 - Winner: needlesnswiffers
Caption 3 - Winner: Guenevol
Caption 4 - Winner:  Guenevol (AGAIN!)
Caption 5 was a tie!
        1st there is  SoftnShiny
  2nd winner: TrustCrazyIdeas
Caption 6 - Winner: Kbowman123
Caption 7 is another tie
      1st winner: Redqueen
    and the 2nd winner: Elfliberator
Caption 8 - Winner: knittingnearsided
Thank-you all who participated!
See you next time!

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