Friday, February 3, 2012

Felix Felicis Friday: February Edition

Welcome to the February 2012 edition of Felix Felicis Friday!

First, we must award January's prize!

Our question was: The Malfoy family is one of the most well-known and affluent wizarding families. Narcissa Malfoy, the family matriarch, is a dedicated follower of fashion. If you had to craft one item of ‘high wizarding fashion’ clothing, so as to blend in at the Malfoy’s annual New Years Ball, what would you create and why?

And the winning response: "I would make a tapestry-patterned sash to wear Czarina Alexandra-style over a ridiculously expensive dress robe. No excuse to look like anything less than royalty at a party full of wizarding society's elite."

This response comes to us from none other than the talented TheHysterian!  I will PM you with instructions on how to claim your prize!

And now for February's Felix Felicis quesiton!

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Ron eats chocolates given to Harry by Romilda Vane. These chocolates were laced with Amorentia, the most powerful love potion in the world. Ron quickly succumbs to feelings of deep affection for Romilda and must be taken to Professor Slughorn for a cure. If you had a vial of Amortentia, upon whom would you want to use it?

Leave your answer along with your RavelryID in the comments for a chance to win a prize!

Best of Luck!

Your Editor-In-Chief,


knitticism13 said...

Matthew Lewis certainly Neville'd up through the years...

Need I say more?

janalee said...

if i could get brotherly love instead of romantic love, i'd dose all my kids in a heartbeat!

if all i get is romantic love? probably hugh jackman. or gary oldman :)

EskimoPam said...

<3 I would use this love potion on my sweetheart so he will always feel about me the way he does now! I hope to be with him always and no one compares to him <3

Marielle said...

Although I know many of my fellow Slytherins are saving their hypothetical love potions for a certain sallow-skinned professor, I think my answer is savvier: If I had a vial of Amortentia, I wouldn't use it; I think self-confidence is the ultimate key to winning love (even, as fangirls have shown us, the obsessive kind).

Not that I wouldn't (or already haven't) accidentally slipped a few drops into the drink of an enemy, just as Moaning Myrtle was floating by!
Rav ID: LunatheCat

Nicole said...

Ron, of course! Romilda didn't quite have the right idea, trying to use it on Harry. ;)

<3 HermioneWeasley

Unknown said...

If I had a vial of Amortentia I would ration it out a few drops at a time to my hubby so he'll conveniently forget when he's less than pleased with know, for those days I get nothing done because I'm too busy knitting up a storm on my current knitting project or perusing Ravelry for my next knitting project? :P I can't be the only one?

Rav: chriscrossed

Galena said...

I'm I'll go with the safe answer of my husband.

If you won't accept that then Tim Roth.

Cattiekins said...

well while many of the other Slytherins are after a certain potions master, I think I'd rather use it on a certain Barty Crouch Jnr or the actor who plays him ;)

theharrypotternerd said...

I'd do Jay Bartlett a boy in my class.