Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Don't Feel like a heel!


Last visit I was talking toes.
Today it's heels.
Heels are an illusive thing that we all try to conquer. Trying to find that better heel that will be easier and nicer looking.

Personally, I am always looking for heel ideas!

So I am going to show you a few.
Firstly there is the short row, which is similar to the toe, so I won't repeat it here.

Then there is the slipped-stitch heel. More stretchy and textured, some people don't enjoy it. But it looks kind of nifty!

I often use this one myself

Then there is a 2 part  about how to do a heel gusset and flap:
Now the heel flap:
The video in all honesty, seems a bit complex even for me. But there are advantages to it non-the less.

The final heel has been going around the internet. Another of the lovely Cat Bordhi called the sweet tomato heel:

I would suggest a great research is the Wendy D. Johnson or Wendy Knits books, they have helped me tremendously.

So again cuff down people I have missed you. I have researched and not found it easy to decide. I will do a dedicated tutorial for you. I promise.
Please let me know of great tutorials for Cuff down. I would love to find them and help!

Enjoy your heel!

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Anonymous said...

I do top down.... as I am afraid of toe up. I figured out heels from reading my books on socks. But I have found that the hardest part is picking up stitches and I always try to pick up one or two extra in the corner where the gusset is so that there is less of a hole.