Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: English vs. Continental

Do you throw or pick?  I do both, and find it helpful to know how to do both in doing colorwork.

If you only know how to do one or the other but want to learn a second way, read on!

Are you a crocheter who's wanted to learn to knit, Continental might be just the ticket for you!  Continental has you holding your yarn in your left hand just like you do when you crochet.

When I learned to knit, I learned English style, or "throwing."  In this style, you wrap the yarn around the knitting needle with your right hand.  Here's a tutorial on English knitting.

Last Christmas, I decided to make scarves for everyone in my family.  This took a lot of time.  To make things go faster, I decided to learn how to knit Continental, or to "pick" the yarn through the stitches.  The following video was the most helpful for me in learning to knit Continental.

Happy Crafting from your Blog Team!


Rocky Moreno said...

Love the continental video.

yarnvista said...

One of the best continental tutorials I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing.