Friday, January 27, 2012

Time in THE TOWER!

Oh yes people, it's that time again!
Time for Hogwarts After Hours!
Today's episode we enter the Tower and find out what Ravenclaw is up to.
SFcorgi, obviously a true Ravenclaw, gave me a bullet point list. So I will use her fine list to let you know what's going on!
  • We have an accountability partners thread where you can get someone to support you in any endeavor (crafting or otherwise).
  • A Words With Friends tournament is underway.
  • We have a candle lighting thread where we send good thoughts out to each other… and anyone else who asks.
  • It’s all books, all the time in the Ravenclaw Readers thread.
  • We have a variety of Specialist Studies and knitalongs led by Tower members.
  • Each term, we award the Mrs. Lovegood Memorial Mad Scientist award to the craziest of the crazy.
  • We highly prize storytelling and award a badge to those who can link 6 classes together with one long story.
  • And this term, we are Taking Back the Cup FOR LUNA!
Thanks SFcorgi! Thanks Ravenclaws for a peek into your lives AFTER HOURS!

Don't worry Gryffindor, I haven't forgotten you! You will be a part of the next edition of HOGWARTS AFTER HOURS

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