Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hogwarts After Hours: Slytherin Edition

That's right.

You've got it.

Hogwarts After Hours.

A cross between the forboten and an afterschool special.
When I'm not devoting my blog space to Quidditch, I'll be focusing on things going down in the Houses.

Fun stuff that you may wish to check out!

This week I'll focus on the Noble house of Slytherin! Without giving away too many secrets of course.

If you've wanted to make a clapotis, there is the clap-a-long. But it is not just for knitters. We have discovered the crocheted version, the clapochet. So if you knit or crochet, you are welcome to join us.

Then there is a Spin-a-long if you are so inclined!

And for the more risque out there you can join in the fun with the Lingerie-a-long.

As you can see we have something for everyone in the Pit.

Next time I'll show you another house and what's happening at HOGWARTS AFTER HOURS!


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