Monday, January 23, 2012

Advanced Studies Update

It's time for another Advanced Studies Update!

While OWLs are flying and NEWTs are scurrying, we've not yet started our Phoenixes.  BROOMs may no longer be submitted.  If you're still looking to do an advanced studies project this term, there is still time to propose an OWL!

I hope to have some statistics about BROOMs and OWLs in the next couple of posts.

To tide you over, however, I have some NEWT updates!  Three of our illustrious NEWTlings have reached 50%!

First, hopesclan!

Middlefield Pullover

Road to Golden

Canopy Cardigan

And next, AutumnLeaf77!


And last, but certainly not least, Mauri!


Queen Anne

Foliage Hat


And to the other NEWTlings - we look forward to seeing your 50% in the next week!  Go, NEWTlings, go!

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