Monday, January 2, 2012

Advanced Studies Update: NEWTs

The NEWT proposal deadline has come and gone and we have our Winter 2012 NEWT cohort!

A little information about NEWTs from Chief Examiner BadAmy:

The Ministry of Magic is pleased to announce that students who have successfully completed four (4) Ordinary Wizarding Level Examinations (OWLs) are eligible to sit a Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test (NEWT). One NEWT will earn your House 350 points. NEWTS are involved projects, using any of the Ravelry sanctioned crafts, which require consistent effort for three to four months.
To earn a NEWT, the student must demonstrate full mastery of a pair of subjects by creating an item or items that not only exceeds the OWL-level minimums for each chosen subject but somehow connects them. In simpler language:
1 NEWT = 2 related complex OWLs worth of work.

Our Winter 2012 cohort includes:

Autumnleaf77, Cindiknits, EvilMichelle, greenheron, Hopesclan, Jajigirl, LNS, Lupingirl, Mauri, MightyGoodYarn, Naturallyknitty, SFCorgi, & Stitchywitchy

I've taken the liberty to do some data analysis about the current term's NEWT students and their subjects.

We've even had some progress posted!

SFCorgi's Delius
naturallyknitty's stocking
Autumnleaf77's Earth square
Good luck, NEWTlings!  I can't wait to see what else you craft!

Which NEWT is your NEWT-to-watch?

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