Monday, November 21, 2011

Yule Ball is over! Time to put away the dress robes. Maybe you hooked up with the cute witch or wizard that has caught your eye all term.  But  before we have only memorie, lets take a look at some of the lovlies that made their way onto the dance floor!
Thank-you Barknknit for the the small shawl!
Great Kitty Purse Kimanneberly!
Londonaftrdark made lovely hexepuff jewellry!
A little sweater from Littlefit!
Otismurph's conrtibution to fashion? A cool scarf!
SoftnShiny created a lovely little clutch to carry essentials!
Yarnvista created this lovely dress, hope it comes in my size!
Last but not least, Andisocial's Scott Pilgrim hat for young wizards!

Thanks to all who danced the night away! Now on to task 3, OWLS, NEWTS, OotP and of course classes!

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Gnat said...

Thanks for posting a pic of my mini spectra! It matches the one I made for myself! :)