Monday, November 28, 2011

Good day and welcome to the last Monday of the Term. It has been busy & crazy for me. I'm sure it has been for all of you!

Today I am going to show off a teeny tiny fraction of the Fabulousness of the assignments handed in!
From NaturalKnitty, we have a lovely Arithmancy OWL. Each mitten has its own personality!
The beautiful Frick is modelling the lovely Herbology OWL she completed. Very niiiice!

Lleavid did a gorgeous pair of socks for divination. No she didn't knit the cute dog! Its nice that the pooch was willing to help stage the photo!

Tesseractivate decided to help the muggle police officers with nice German Sheppard! My brother in-law is a cop and he would love this!
DruscillaWormwood  made this pretty shawl for herbology! Pretty Pretty PRETTY!
stormmoon created the latest barbie hat craze for Charms! Every Barbie is going to want one this season!
londonaftrdark made this interesting scarf for Astronomy. It is fascinating to figure out and look at the configuration of this!
SHAWLS SHAWLS SHAWLS. Tis the season and I love them! Just stalk my projects and you'll see. needlediva made this awesome shawl for Astronomy.....Add this one to the queue!
chrsintahwest has gotten into the holiday spirit! She finished these WIPS for Care of Magical Creatures. Just in time for the Holidays! How much fun is that?

So that's it for this term for me!
I hope the season is full of love, hope, joy, crafting and yarn!
May 2012 be even better then 2011!
See you next term!

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