Friday, November 25, 2011

Felix Felicis Friday

The last Friday of the term!  The ending of Fall term is always when my love of the House Cup is particularly intense.  As December dawns I go to my magic closet of knit gifts and realize I'm covered.  With the exception of the wee mountain trolls I share a home with, I don't have to buy anything.  The madness that is 9 months of Slytherin ambition means that I have a peaceful December.  Thank you House Cup leadership and professors for all your creativity and prompts that make me NEED to knit all the classes.

To the prizes.  Last month's question was as follows:

"Molly Weasley is a well known artisan with the fiber arts. Like many crafty witches she has a yarn stash for everyday needs, sweaters, dishcloths, broom cozies and the like. What is not well known is that she also has a secret stash of luxury fiber yarn that she has charmed to be hidden from view. Afterall, its tough to explain a skein of deep blue alpaca to your sons who are clad in the most itchy of wool. What charms would you use to hide or disguise your own secret luxury yarn?"

And the winner is.....HermioneWeasley who has clearly watched my trolls looking for "missing toys" who answered thus:

"I would charm the luxury yarn to look just like the other itchy wool/non-luxury yarn in my stash, and then I would put it in the same place, right on top. After all, nobody ever finds things that are right in front of them. ;) It would continue to look like the rest of my ordinary yarn while I was knitting with it, but boy, would I be able to tell the difference (I would be able to see what it really looked like, and it would definitely feel so much better!)! "

Can't you just see her apearing to cuddle scritchy regular wool against her cheek with a look of pure bliss on her face?  Love it.

PM me your address in Ravelry my dear and I'll get a little prize out to you.

This is Rockinsticks signing off and saying, I hope everyone has a happy EWE-le season whatever the holiday you celebrate.

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LFSAlden said...

Oh, my dear, prize for you!!!