Monday, August 1, 2011

House Cup Happenings!

Hello, my darling Cuppers! This week's House Cup Happenings is a double-whammy -- not only is it the last HCH of this term, we're covering two weeks in one go! So get ready: two amazing projects from each class will be highlighted!

Ancient Runes

Alrischa demonstrated her spinning prowess!

Winninfred17 knit and over-dyed a gorgeous lacy cardigan!


frimptes married beauty and practicality in their crocheted market bag!

naturallyknitty has me tearing up with envy over her beautiful handspun!

Care of Magical Creatures

Bidibid extermini-knit a cheerful Dalek hand puppet!

greenheron's adorable crocheted frog is too cute to be dinner!


secrettrail crocheted a precious watermelon purse (perhaps it's Mokeskin in disguise?)!

BrittanyLaine made a classically lovely Traveling Woman shawl!

Defense Against the Dark Arts

beeanimated was inspired by Luna Lovegood's sartorial choices, and knit up a pair of armwarmers in her favorite colors!

RiverCameron knit a delightfully Harry-themed invisible imagine shawl in Gryffindor colors!


DeannaJ finished her first beaded shawl -- and isn't it gorgeous?

cdavis' Silvi is a work of art!

History of Magic

knitsquid took their inspiration from the pyramids, and spun golden wool!

khannings found a novel use for bees in their sunny socks!

Muggle Studies

abjoerge knit a shawl fit for a faery princess, not just Muggles!

jedimeg16 used the tale of the Twelve Dancing Princesses as her inspiration for this dream-like lace shawl!


jesseknits knit up an adorable, unusual hat with healing properties -- what could be more delightful?

GothKnitty wins the prize for most whimsical yet strangely functional project of the term!

Congratulations to one and all! Thank you for a wonderful term :)



Amy V. said...

So many gorgeous projects! Beeanimated, I totally project-stalked you to get that armwarmer pattern. ;)
- Bidibid

KL said...

Wow, that's the second time I've seen one of *my* class projects in the gallery of fabulousness on here. I'm honoured!! (Secrettrail's watermelon coin purse)