Friday, July 22, 2011

Final firstie Friday!

Good day all!
It's Friday! I'm Aunttallulah and I like yarn!

Today is my last blog of the month and the last blog of the term!
Instead of waxing poetic on my time here at the cup, I have asked my fellow soon to be fellow firsties and the NFQY's soon to take our place how they are feeling right now.

This term has been fantastic. I’ve learned so much and pushed my crafting beyond what I thought I could do, and I’ve learned new skills. It’s been so great to stay in touch with my fellow firsties, along with being accepted and integrated into my house. I am looking forward to the break month to do much needed TLC on my house and prepare the kiddos for next school year, and jump back in full force again in September to see how I can push myself even more! – softnshiny, Slytherin

I have loved this first term. I have accomplished soo much - it’s very cool to be starting and finishing projects. I’ve pushed and tried soo many things that I wouldn’t have otherwise - colorwork, toe up socks, complex cables, a huge shawl (which I am wearing right now!), cutting my knitting, lots of spinning, etc. Plus! Found friends in the Slytherin house and firsties and all over. The amazing inspiration, stories and projects found throughout the house cup are great. –Lambchop00, Slytherin

I think this term has been great fun! Being a NQFY let me explore and learn about the House and participate also. Everyone has been kind and helpful (and fun). I got sidetracked with moving but my Head of House was sympathetic. I look forward to being a firstie and having someone guide and support me. Also, I look forward to being part of a particular group and meeting new people. I think a firstie will be more of a challenge and that is the fun of the game. Awaiting Sorting is kind of exciting and just hope I get sorted since I haven’t completed all my homework. -Dmarieknits, NQFY

Even though I’m one of the newest of the new, and haven’t turned in any homework yet (soon to be remedied - the photos are uploading in another window), it’s been an interesting ride so far. There’s just so much information to take in, and so many adjustments to make in the crafting style - especially since muggle classes will be starting soon. Just watching the class threads and seeing all of the different homework assignments being turned in has been fun and inspiring.
The wait for sorting is a little nerve-wracking, since there are no guarantees of being sorted, but exciting at the same time. I’m really looking forward to (hopefully) being sorted soon! - Confuzzle, NQFY

There you have it folks!
So next term has some exciting things happening that will be released soon to have even more crafting fun! And the plans for the off month are well under way!
Have a great month off!
See you next term!
May you have love, joy, laughter and most importantly yarn!

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