Monday, June 20, 2011

House Cup Happenings!

Many many thanks to Rockinsticks for filling in for me last week, while I was out on a secret mission regarding Horcruxes. Delicious, decadent -- er, evil, debauched Horcruxes! Definitely not Horcruxes made from white chocolate or anything like that.

Shall we? We shall!

Care of Magical Creatures

alitacasey captured the rainbow for a stunning pair of socks!


MVick crafted the most charming cephalopod I've ever had the pleasure of squee'ing over!

Defense Against the Dark Arts

doviejay melded the perfect yarn, color, and pattern to create a totally to-die-for shawl!


lupingirl came back from a devastating yarn shortage to finish a pair of socks I'll soon be stealing knitting!


SadieLou showed us the whimsical side of generosity with their cast cozies!


onyxravnos crocheted the most delicious pair of earrings!

History of Magic

Dawntreader7's owl-bedecked hat is a total hoot (I know, I know...)!

Muggle Studies

Geronimo! Cattiekins stole themselves a Time Lord!


BlindSquirrel took the plunge and made a lovely steeked neckwarmer!

And we're almost at the end of another term! Don't push yourselves too hard, and I give you all passes to visit Hogsmeade to replenish your end-of-term sweet supplies!

Love and basilisk scales,

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