Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well, another term is coming to a close.  My stash is a bit lighter, I've learned a bit about some terrific first years and will forever look to the noble house of Ravenclaw when stumped.

A hearty well done to our new administration and faculty who have put an unbelievable amount of work into keeping this wonderful house cup going.  You continue to spark my creativity and feed my crazy like no other outlet.  Yes, that is a good thing. 

So as we wait these last few days for the final points to be tallied and between term activities to begin showing up take a minute to earburn your favorite professor or staff member.  Let them know that you have loved their prompts, appreciated the hours spent grading or just loved chatting with them in the common rooms or great hall.

Good luck to you all during the break and I look forward to seeing you all spring term when it is finally warm enough to party in the astronomy tower.

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Anonymous said...

I wanna know so i can mingle without finding out that i won't b in the same house as a friend i've made.
Shoutout to cmevlin for being a gr8help when it comes to finding out how stuff works