Thursday, March 3, 2011

House Cup Stories

Meet Sherry (aka aksherry) : Alaskan, mother of three, knitter, pasta maker, Hufflepuff and HPKCHC participant!

Sherry's residence in the muggle world is Soldotna, Alaska, where people from all over the world come to fish for King Salmon. In fact, the town's population doubles during the summer! In the wizarding world she hangs out in Hufflepuff House where, says Sherry, the Puffs keep her Slytherpuff personality "sweet".

It all started for Sherry about five years ago when she took a knitting class that culminated in knitted socks. She says her husband encourages her knitting and crafting and even bought her a spinning wheel for Christmas a few years back. Sherry enjoys knitting socks and mittens, yet admits she's "really good at making two left hands"! She is not a big fan of knitting sweaters, though, because the sizing can be a challenge: "They are always huge!" Despite this, she still wants to knit them. Sherry recalls a funny kinitting moment that happened not long after she learned to knit and was making a bag to felt: "I happened to walk up on my puppy who was happily throwing the bag up in the air over and over, as needles flew everywhere. If he could have been laughing and smiling he would have."

While she is knitting, Sherry likes to watch movies on TV ans has just finished watching the entire "Buffy" series and is now starting on "Firefly". Outside of knitting, Sherry likes to cook , mostly baking (what do you expect, she is a Hufflepuff!), but making pasta from scratch is also at the top of her list. She also enjoys gardening in the summer, which is not very long in Alaska!

When asked about her experiences with the HPKCHC, Sherry says it's a fun group! "Some months I finish six classes, some months I only finish a few. I have met some of the nicest people in all the Houses. Someday I hope to meet some in real life." If she could be any Harry Potter character, she would like to be Luna because "she is crazy and so am I!", states Sherry.
The photo shows Sherry's CoCo The Canister Monster. Doesn't every Hufflepuff need a knitted baking buddy?!

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