Friday, March 25, 2011

Felix Felicis Friday

So this is it my fair and noble house cuppers, the last Friday of Winter Term 2011.  Our firsties are more seasoned and our seventh years more swarthy.  Okay, well it sounded good in my head.

Anyway, so this will be the last prize give away of the term, the last chance before we pack our trunks for the Hogwarts Express to celebrate the outstanding creativity and crafting that has happened the last three months.  The question I posed waaaaaay back in February was, "It is almost your 39th birthday and you decide it would be a good time to start making horcruxes for yourself. What object would you turn into a horcrux, why and where would you hide it?" 

Shortly after I posed the question I thought, "Oh dear I've just made the public assumption that 500 plus people would be willing to kill to become immortal.  Nice work Rockinsticks - could you be any less sensitive?"  Well I'm happy to say that you all seemed to take it in the right spirit and there were a wide range of horcruxes being created - in the most non-violent of ways of course.  Coffee makers, books, yarn at the bottom of the stash, even a cake of violin rosin are all to be suspected.  But my favorite answer this month was from .....
"I reckon I'd use a black box crash recorder. They're designed to be indestructible!"

Short, sweet and simple.  For your thoughtful advice to all of us who are still looking for the perfect object you win three of my horcruxes a lovely skein of sock yarn, a straight needle case and some stitch markers.  PM me your address in Ravelry and I'll send out your winnings.

Well everyone, thanks for an unforgettable winter term.  I'm glad we are moving into spring and looking forward to seeing all you NQFYs all shinny in your robes after the sorting at the end of April.

Editor in Chief
Slytherin Extrodinare
Mistress of the Iron Globules (you have to be from the snake pit to get this)

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Mariannewells said...

Yay! What wonderful news to wake up to! Thank you