Friday, February 25, 2011

Felix Felicis Friday

Good morning house cuppers and welcome to another edition of Felix Felicis Friday!  February is comming to a close and we've all explored love, song, and covert potion smuggling. 

Last months Felix Felicis question was: "You are invited to Severus Snape's birthday party and told that in order to get in the door you must craft one item for him.  What would you make him and why?"

This question spawned some mighty entertaining answers such as "I would knit him a doe-cozy (since everything that can be cozied should and will be cozied) but it would give his Patronus something to be warm when in the cold dungeon." by Alexander the Great and "I would knit him a shampoo bottle cozy. For obvious reasons. Just know...encourage him", by Motzartnerd. 

But the winner this month is:


Who said, "My first thought is to knit him a little dress, but I suppose that would be more antagonistic than thoughtful. Instead, I would make him a little amigurumi Lily doll to snuggle with at night -- and a little Harry or James doll to crucio when he's feeling pissy"

Congratulations Marielle, you have won a lovely greenish skein of sock yarn.  Please pm me your address in Ravelry and I'll get your prize out to you.

And, the Felix Felicis Question of the Month for March is:  It is almost your 39th birthday and you decide it would be a good time to start making horcruxes for yourself.   What object would you turn into a horcrux, why and where would you hide it?

Leave your answer in the comments section of this post by March 24th for the prize award on March 25th.

Have a great month everyone.


Nicole said...

"I Capture the Castle" by Dodie Smith was one of my favorite books growing up (still is!), and I have a really old, really worn-looking copy that I would turn into a Horcrux. It's not a hugely famous book or anything, and it looks thoroughly read, so I doubt anyone would expect it to be something so important as a Horcrux. Plus it sits on my bookshelf with all my other books, so it's right there in the open.

CraftyGryphon said...

Darling, I'm over 39. I've made my horcruxes and hidden them already, and I'm *not* telling where!

Snakes & Slythery kisses!!

Darcy said...

I left 39 last birthday and am currently hiding my horcruxes in the Public Library. Be sure to ask at a desk!


Kathleen said...

I'm not telling you!! Although there IS a cow vertebrae on the mantel....

01Tangled said...

As appropriate for any crafter, I am something of a pack rat. Hardly anything gets thrown out for fear that I might need it for something later.

That said, items I choose for my Horcrux must not be easily deduced as "favorites," "well-loved," or anything like that. Out go yarn, hooks and needles, FO's, books, stuffed animals, etc.

Thus, my horcruxes have been hidden amongst the tiny figurines decorating my many shelves in my room. There are so many due to their tiny size, it would be nearly impossible to locate the correct one. And as they are relatively valuable, they are unlikely to disappear on me. :)

Joannie Newsome said...

I'm going with the vacuum cleaner - no one goes near it but it's too expensive to get rid of so it'll always be safely tucked away in the closet. - JMN

Mariannewells said...

I reckon I'd use a black box crash recorder. They're designed to be insdestructible!

Anonymous said...

After much thought, I have determined that I would use . . . a spindle. A really good light-weight spindle for silk, the kind that spins forever and that gets you really annoyed with yourself if you drop it.

This would be awesome for a number of reasons. First, seeing as I'm planning on being immortal, I'll have plenty of time to spin fine, fine yarns. Second, I'm plenty crochety now that people know not to touch my stuff, particularly something as boring and fragile as a little wooden spindle. Third, if I *do* drop it, it gets *stronger*!! Because that's what happens with horcruxes! I get to be immortal *and* have an awesome indestructible spindle! :D


mozartnerd said...

My first thought for a Horcrux is a cake of violin bow rosin.
I would possibly hide it in my violin case, in plain view, and continue to use it. Which would fool most people. Because rosin is breakable. So continuing to use it would be kind of stupid. And if the rosin ran out, I would be screwed.

Lea67000 said...

Oh well, I think about using a skein of yarn as a Horcrux. And then hide it somewhere in my stash. It would probably take a while to find the good one.

EvilOverlady314 said...

I’m torn by several Evil ideas…oh, that’s the point of a Horcrux, though, isn’t it?

I think I would turn my coffee maker into a Horcrux. It would be hiding in plain sight and I am already protective of it, so that wouldn’t be out of the ordinary (let’s face it, caffeine already owns my soul anyway). It would be great to have an appliance that would be nearly impossible to destroy – see previous caffeine comment. Lastly, I think it would make such an awesome cup of coffee with that extra dark richness of soul added in. Ahhhhh. Fresh brewed makes all the difference.

Staying Crafty!

Galena said...

I've never really thought about making a horcrux as I'm a Gryffindor, too soul spitting for me. If I had to though, probably go for the book Sock Innovations by Cookie A. Hide it in my library...I mean spare bedroom.

Anonymous said...

I would turn my (old, hardbacked, beautiful) copy of the Oxford English Dictionary into a Horcrux. Why?

1. Let's face it, most people today don't seem to know what one is.
2. Those who do know treasure them and wouldn't think of destroying one.
3 If dictionaries were so out of date that they were being burned left, right and centre, I don't think I'd want to be here anyway :D

The perfect horcrux!