Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hey house cuppers.
How are the resolutions going? Today was one of the those days. My OWL resolution almost crashed and burned into a heap of wrong gauge yarn. After messing around with difernt sizes of needles, my gauge worked out and I will put my proposal in tomorrow. (fingers crossed my sweater will fit) After all the wrong turns, I just keep telling myself "best sweater ever."
As for my other resolutions... I have lost one pound! I did drink one more Diet Coke then I said I would have. oops! You might be wondering how the cucumber water was.... Which leads me to my next drink more water tip.... At Safeway Vitamin Water is 10 for $10. GO BUY SOME! Cucumbers in my water not the best drink, I will be leaving them in my salads.
I have one class DONE! I made the Hermione love Ron hat. Mine is a little big, I think I will block it. Hopefully it will fit a little better. Sadly, I do not have pictures YET! I will turning it in tommorrow. So, my turn in three class a month is going great. I just casted on for a Cashmere cowl!
Well guys good luck and Happy Crafting!

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Anonymous said...

i find a little lime in my water makes it super palatable & refreshing (; the only hiccup in the plan is when i go to restaurants that don't have any limes at all /: what's a girl supposed to do?!
& i hear ya on the "best sweater ever" mantra! mine's still in the conceptual phase - so long as it stays in my mind, its perfect & i can't mess it up! keep at it, yours will work out & be amazing! :D