Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Staff Interview

Welcome to our Monday Staff Interview.  Today we talk with the lovely Starknits who has us shrinking things right and left about the castle.

Q.  Tell us a little bit about yourself outside the cup.
A.  Is there life out side the cup? LOL
Ok ok, I’m a wife and a mom. so mostly I do all that entails. (cleaning, cooking, parenting, baking etc.) We also home school. That’s new this year but it’s going really well. We’re really loving the extra time spent together and learning about different things and the flexibility. Not to mention the field trips are awesome as well as the dress code! ;)
I’m also a Knitting and Crochet instructor at a
local floral and gift shop It may seem like an odd place to have classes but it’s really wonderful. I’ve met so many people and I love spreading the knitting and crochet bug around.
I’m also pretty active at my Church and their
MOPs group (moms of preschoolers). It’s all about making sure mom’s know they matter and they’re not alone.

Q. What is your favorite thing about being a professor? Least favorite?
A.  My fave part of being a professor is seeing all the great projects. Also the bonus points! I love being able to give an extra point or two, for the extra mile or special project or whatever.
Least fave is ummmm I like it all! (I guess I’m a teacher at heart)

Q. Why transfiguration?
A.  Actually I applied for the COMC job but left it open for whatever. So when I got the job I was happy and began researching for classes and now I think it’s really a good fit. I’ve always liked taking something and turning it into something else.

Q. What has been your most amazing feat of transfiguration?
A.  Is it lame to say my children? They’re turning out so wonderful, they love to help and are really sweet (most of the time). Most days I don’t feel that I’m the best mom as I think I utter “just one more row” at least 50 times a day. But the girls just love to learn and are full of life. so it’s a little crazy to think the little babies they used to be has turned into these crazy fun kids.
As far as crafting related I’m still trying to transfigure my stash into useful objects to keep my family and friends warm. I’ll get there eventually.

Q. If you could have one potion, charm, or magical object that worked in real life, what would it be?
A.  I always want apparation and disapparation to work. My family (hi nesterknitter and naturallyknitty) lives in WI and CO so plane tickets for the family can get really cost prohibitive and if we could apparate it would be so much easier.
As far as photos here’s one of my crazy big family with our silly faces on.  You can’t get that many people to actually smile at the camera, but we can be silly together. I’m the one next to the guy with the pirates hat on (with the P on it) i’ve got a flowered shirt on. Naturallyknitty, my sister is wearing a striped tank holding trubie. My mom, NesterKnitter is wearing a blue tank/shirt.

Thank you to Starknits for the photos and answers.  Tune in next week when we converse with Sea-Jelly live from the Astronomy Tower.  This is Rockinsticks signing off.

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