Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Staff Interview

This week we talk to Mightygoodyarn, Charms mistress who has given us the ability to travel through time this month.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself outside the House Cup.

A: I'm a fourth-year Ravenclaw. In addition to co-teaching Charms, I am pretty active over in the Tower. One of the things I do is orchestrate the Convocation of Eagles, which is a fun addition to the game based on points earned in the Cup, and I manage the Mad Scientist Award, which recognizes the really nutty things Ravenclaws do during the term. I have also earned myself a bit of a reputation for mischief over there - I have a knack for misfires in the lab. But, y'know, structural integrity is so overrated.

I live with my husband in Austin, Texas. We're pretty typical Austinites in that we have day jobs and about 16 creative professional ventures outside of that. By day, I work in higher education, but at other times I am a freelance writer, playwright, knitwear designer, and small buisness owner. (I'm holding myself back from the self-promo here, lol).

Q: Why Charms?

A: I teach Charms because that's the class I was assigned, but really I was up for anything. I like Charms because in the magical world charms are so widely used that you can get very creative and far-reaching with class assignments.

Q: What is the most charming project you've ever completed?

A: Most charming project...hmmm, let's see. As of October 11, I'm struggling mightily to finish an adult sweater design. The yarn wasn't given to me until late, so if I succeed, this will have been designed and knit up in under a month. I have many words to describe that project, "charmed" being only one of them.

I'm also a fan of my Meryton, which I designed for my first OWL ever. But most charming, literally, are the baby mittens I knit up to look like little fish. The family I gave them to report that strangers are so-so about the kid but nuts about the mittens. :)

Q: What is your favorite part of being a professor? What is your least favorite part?

A: Favorite part: seeing people rise to the task and challenge themselves, either with their craftwork or their photography/storytelling. Even if its a flop, I still feel so happy when I see someone pushing themselves.

My least favorite part is hammering out bonus points, because it's actually quite difficult to do in a way that's fair, and as a result these bonus points have for some folks become much heavier than I think they ought to be. Truth is, you can't please everybody, so at the end of the grading, I just brush it off an move on.

Can I insert something here to let me heap praise upon my fellow Charms Staff? Cattiekins, who has many terms of teaching experince, has welcomed me with open arms and really helped me get my footing. Mauri and Cindiknits are both so hardworking and wonderful TAs. Thanks peeps!

Q: If you could have one potion, charm or magical object that worked in real life what would it be?

A: My charm would be, well, yes, a time-turner would be great, but at the moment I'd settle for a magical window or ceiling or something so I could get some daylight in my miserable dungeon of an office. (I'm writing this on my lunch break.) There's also lots of stuff dealing with world peace and global warming that I should probably wish for too.

Thanks, guys! See you around the Cup!

This ends this week's Tuesday Staff Interview. Thank you to Mightygoodyarn for taking the time to answer our questions. Tune in next Tuesday when we talk to.......Doh! I forgot to requsest an interview. This is Rockinsticks signing off and heading to the staff lounge.

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